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Where to begin?

We strongly recommend to start with the "Wedding and Evening Dresses" learning program.

In this carefully crafted step-by-step program you will master the core basics, pattern drafting, pattern alterations, sewing techniques and the use of the Pattern Alteration Software. 

After finishing the program you will become skilled dressmaker and will have at your hands:

  • 3 fully finished and perfectly fitted corsets

  • 2 high end wedding gowns including skirts

  • 1 high end evening dress with built-in hidden corset


You will master:

  • Drafting and adjusting patterns,

  • Secret and the most efficient insider's sewing techniques,

  • Choosing the right and individual style for yourself or your client,

  • Avoid common mistakes by choosing the right pattern and sewing technique,

  • The use of the Pattern Alterations Calculation software,

  • Creating patterns for variety of trendy styles and for any body type (including plus sizes),

  • Contact-free (long distance) sewing.


The diploma certificate will be granted after completing the Wedding and Evening Dresses program.


After completing this program you'll be skilled enough to make any kind of dress.

You'll be able to proceed to any other (even the most advanced) course and you'll have amazing results! 

Every class in the library represents a different sewing technique - enriches your skills and develops you as a professional fashion designer. 

30 years of experience are at your fingertip!

Use this unique knowledge base to create amazing high-end gowns and make your own diverse professional collections! 

Creative possibilities are limitless!

Use our patented Pattern Alteration Software as your desktop companion for fast and accurate pattern adjustments, fabric consumption calculations and skirts pattern drafting.



But the most important thing is TO ENJOY THAT PRICELESS SATISFACTION FEELING after creating something truly magnificent with your own hands!


And don't forget to join the Corset Academy members group on Facebook.

Post your goals and get support from our warm and beautiful community of dressmakers.

You can always contact me personally for any questions at


With love, 
Tatiana Kozorovitsky